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Geologists Act 2008 (Act 689)

The Act was formulated in 1989 and the draft final was completed in 1998. The Act was approved by the Cabinet on 3rd October 2007 and gazetted on 27 August 2008.

The purpose of the Act are to regulate the profession, upgrade the professionalism, to ensure quality of service and reporting, upgrade knowledge and expertise and to have a representation and voice with the government. It also provided the set up of Board of Geologist (BoG).

Recently, the Regulations of the Geologists Act were approved by the Cabinet in April 2010. Rules of Procedures (RoP) for the Regulations will soon be drafted.

Protem Board Member of BoG have been forwarded to NRE for Minister’s approval. It comprises of 12 Professional Geologists and 2 persons elected by the Minister. The professional geologists comprise a Chairman, a representative from IGM, 5 representatives from the public sector and 5 representatives from the government sector.